LIBE – Elvis

Around 19:30, the teams that prepare the front page of Libération are gathered together at the "central": photo service, layout, writers, chief editors and journalists who pass by and stop for a moment to join the discussion. Around the large table, the ritual is oiled: some sit, some stand, some quiet and concentrated, paper and pencil in hand, some talkative and joking around. The headline is developed collectively.  A serious interplay between words and an image. This is certainly one of the highlights of the day, exhilarating but tense, exciting but scary : will we find the right words and image to say it?  Especially at Libération where it is more than just a front page : often a manifest ; in certain cases, an event in itself. And when the news are touched by God's grace, and the team at Libération as well, the front page becomes one of these icons which only the press, and certain photographers, are able to produce. Those that mark the hearts and minds of the time. Which allow, with a single glance, to revive an entire part of history, in its most immediate and physical dimension.  Sometimes, let's admit it, we are proud of the result. Before putting the newspaper aside. And thinking, worried, about the headline of the following day.

Nicolas Demorand

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